Friday, February 12, 2010

Service for Sight

February 1st-3rd was Anchor Splash, which is the philanthropy of Delta Gamma. The proceeds go to Service for Sight Foundation. This year, Delta Gamma has decided to purchase a special tandem bicycle for a young girl who is visually impaired. She is a Hattiesburg native, and would love to ride a bicycle. The bike allows for an adult to sit behind the child and assist in steering and pedaling. It is a safe, yet still fun way for visually impaired children to have the experience of riding a bike. It helps them socialize and get physically active. It is very rewarding to know that you are helping a very worthy cause.
Anchor Splash is a yearly event that consists of different fundraising activities. This year we had three McAlister's nights where 10% of the proceeds went to our philanthropy. Also, there is a Mr. and Miss Eyes competition where each student organization that is competing in the Anchor Splash competition submits a photo of a member's eyes. We set up a board with these pictures outside of the Hub, along with buckets with the organization's names on them. Students could put money, box tops for education, Campbell's Soup labels for education, or eyeglasses in the buckets. At the end, all of these are counted and we have a Mr. and Miss Eyes winner. There is also King Neptune, which is a dance competition among male organizations. The actual Anchor Splash is the last event, and it has a synchronized swimming competition and several water relay competitions. At the end, and overall male and female winner is announced.
It is a great way to raise money for our philanthropy and everyone loves to get involved. To learn more about Delta Gamma's national philanthropy click here.

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